Hair Styling


We offer a professional first-class hair service by a team of highly qualified stylists dedicated to ongoing training. 

As a Redken Platinum Salon we thrive on delivering the best customer service and advice to guide you through your journey with us. Our unique approach of a “free-roam” salon means you have the freedom to change stylist whenever you feel like a change without feeling under any obligation.

Please note a hair colour patch testing is required at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment. Your patch test will not be valid if you visit another salon for colour services in-between visits to 5th Avenue, you will need to pre book another patch test prior to your hair colour appointment.

Price List

Cutting and Styling

Ladies Cut & Blow Dry


Ladies Cut & Blow Dry (over 45 mins)



Ladies Restyle


Ladies Wet Cut



Ladies Dry Cut (or spray down / 20 minutes max)


Redken Heat Cure Professional Treatment




Blow Dry (Long Hair)                                £26.5

Blow Dry (Short Hair)                               £23.5

Curls                                            from     £28.5

Volume Blow Dry & Style                         £32.5

Hair-up (up to 50 minutes)                       £50

Hair-up (30 minutes)                                £35

15 minute Hair Up                                    £17.5


Mens Hair

Mens Cut & Finish                                   £23

Tint & Cut                                                 £48

Clippers Only                                           £18


Future Generations

(12 years & under excluding Saturdays or evenings after 6pm)

Wet cut


Cut & blow dry



Restyle                                                                        £42.5


Students (16 years and under)

Wet Cut                                                                    £22                      Cut & Blow Dry                                             £35

Restyle                                                                     £45

Hair Colour Patch Testing

Hair colour patch testing is required at least 48 hours prior to service. If you are new to the salon, If you have had your hair coloured elsewhere in between, if you do not have an up to date patch test with us, or if you are booked for a different colour service.

Foil Highlights

Full Head Highlights Long Hair (Below Shoulders)


Half Head Highlights ( Top section & Sides)



Full Head Highlights Medium Hair (On Shoulders)


Parting High Lights ( T Section)



Full Head Highlights Short Hair (Above Shoulders)


OLAPLEX treatment mixed with colour



Colour roots in between foils (cover grey)


Colour roots & ends in between foils (cover grey)



Toner Refresh (price during full service)


Toner Refresh (booked on its own for next visit)



Permanent Colour

Full Head (one colour applied all over hair)


Root tint (one colour applied to roots)




Express Root Rage

Keep your price down in between bigger appointments and quick fix your rootage on one area.

Applied where your parting falls.                                                   £22

Semi Permanent Colour

Semi-gloss (short hair)


Semi-gloss (long hair)



Balyage / Ombres 

This will depend if the hair is coloured at the top and at the bottom

Full balayage (Includes top and bottom of hair)                                                     £68.5

Half Balayage  (Includes bottom part of hair)                                                         £48.5

OLAPLEX Treatment mixed with colour for intense condition                                Short £15  Long £20

Toner (during balyage appointment to eliminate brassy tones.)                             £15

Balyage Refresh Toner (price for your next visit)                                                   £35

Colour Correction

Price on consultation

Please bear in mind this most probably will not be as straight forward as you think. Price quoted will depend per application of colour we need to do. We may not know how many applications we have to do until we are doing the service. The amount of colour applications we do will depend on how much we need to lift to get to the desired end result. Please also bear in mind this may not all happen in one shift and could take lots of time.

Hair Care Treatments

Heat Cure Treatment (luxurious super conditioning for dry hair)



OLAPLEX intensive Treatment



Redken "Shot" Luxury Hair Treatment (in three stages)



Scalp Relief Treatment



Extreme, Colour Extend OR Blondage Intensive Conditioner







Spiral Perm                                                from £80

Long Hair                                                   from £68.5

Short Hair                                                   from £60

Cut (not included)                                       £30.5

Extra perm box required  (thick hair)          £15-£20                    

Special Offer Hair Prices with Davina

Cut & Styling

Blow dry                                                             £15

Cut and Blow Dry                                               £25

Wet Cut                                                              £15


Full Head Tint                                                     £32

Root Tint                                                             £30

Toner service with colour                                   £16

Toner Refresh                                                    £25


Long Hair                                                         £45

Short Hair                                                        £35

Extra perm box                                                £15 each

Wet Cut                                                           £20

Your initial hair consultation and patch test are FREE. Pre book your consultation appointment with our hair specialist at least 48 hours prior to any colour service.

Do you like the relaxed atmosphere of a salon but sometimes find it hard to stretch to salon prices?

Here are some smart ways to book and keep your price lower:

  • Break up your colour appointments with an express colour in-between your appointments for the lower price.
  • Choose how you finish your service after colour. A rough dry is FREE, a blow dry is £26.50, a wet cut is £30.50 OR a cut and blow dry is £41.50.
  • Book in a toner refresh in-between the bigger hair appointments to brighten up your blonde.
  • You dont need a full head of high lights every time. How about a few half head appointments in-between.
  • Use Redken Blondage Shampoo and Conditioner to keep your "Ashy" loook for longer.