Beauty Lab London Glycolic Peptide Lightening Complex 50ml

Beauty Lab London Glycolic Peptide Lightening Complex 50ml

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Created for skin with dark spots and uneven tone.

• Helps to correct the appearance of dark spots
• Lightens dark patches and helps to prevent future discolouration
• Smooths and evens out the skin tone
• Boosts skin clarity and softness
• Imparts a more uniform radiance

Correct the appearance of dark spots with this hard-working daily moisturiser. A plant-derived complex helps to fade the intensity of dark patches, while kojic and bearberry work to suppress tyrosinase (a key enzyme involved in melanin production), to lighten pigmentation. Arbutin brightens and helps to even out skin tone, as lemon peel enhances clarity, glow and softness. A botanically-derived peptide, further assists in restoring skin uniformity. The complexion is left looking healthier, smooth and radiant.

How to Use

Apply morning and evening to cleansed and toned skin, using light circular movements over the face and neck. Avoid the eye area. For best results, use after Beauty Lab Lemon Peel Lightening Complex In the morning, follow with Beauty Lab Ultra Defence Hydrator SPF50